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Executive Leadership Program

Program Details:

Over a six-month curriculum, CEOs, managers, coaches, & executives across various organizations will develop their leadership skills, build confidence, improve discipline, and ignite corporate relationship-building skills. Participants will engage in leadership assessment testing, create a leadership plan, receive 1:1 & group executive coaching, and attend monthly sessions facilitated by Mrs. Jackson and other qualified and vetted professionals and subject matter experts. The program is offered twice a year.

Common training topics include:

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Leveraging Strengths and Weakness

  • Ethical Leading

  • Collaborative Decision-Making

  • Stress Management Planning

  • Conflict Recovery

  • Social Media Presence

  • Meeting Management

  • Performance Coaching

  • Human Resources

  • Risk Management

  • Recruiting

Program Investment:

Tuition for the program is $4500.00 and can be paid in full by the participant’s organization or the participant. 


Virtual program with mandatory monthly video attendance. Participants allowed to miss (2) sessions throughout the 6-month program. Program held in a virtual school. Full on-screen participation in the monthly sessions is expected.

Please verify the following dates before submitting your application.

Starts every November and May. 

After payment, we will request:

1) Resume with employment, academic, and volunteer history

2) Current organizational chart that reflects both your reporting structure and those positions reporting to you

3) Headshot

4) Short Bio


Full investment balance due at enrollment, $4500.00

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Client Testimonials

White Sheet

Dr. K. McNally

"Shekita Jackson builds community. She brings power to the collaboration process through strategic initiatives, insights into the needs of others, and the empowerment of win-win scenarios. Her speaking presence delights, entertains, and motivates people into action! You are clear on her vision and purpose when in her environment". 

White Sheet

V. Bruce

"Monthly consulting with Shekita has been amazing. I am very grateful that god place me in her hands because she has not only help me build my business up, but also became my spiritual sister. Thank you again Shekita for all that you do, and I can’t wait to continue our journey together".

White Sheet

A. Hargrove

"Shekita provided me with the necessary information to get me going in the right direction.  She consistently held me accountable and offered information in a way that I could understand it and apply it to my business in an effective manner". 

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